Branding: Identify and Market Your Professional Brand

Branding: Identify and Market Your Professional Brand

Length: One day or two half-days


Like products and services in the marketplace, each person has a professional brand.  Your brand represents how others perceive and relate to you on both professional and personal levels.  Ultimately, your brand can either help or hinder your opportunities for career advancement.

This one-day workshop reviews the components of professional brands and explores techniques for reinforcing and promoting them in positive ways.  It includes a series of hands-on exercises, culminating in the creation of a plan to reinforce or improve your professional brand.

Pre-work:  Select five co-workers and have them complete a simple brand assessment of you.  Bring the results to the workshop.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Identify components of positive professional brands
  • Compare their own perceptions of themselves with others’ perceptions
  • Define brand components that they want others to perceive in them
  • Describe successful techniques for creating and marketing a strong brand
  • List activities and actions that can jeopardize branding efforts
  • Write a plan for enhancing and marketing their professional brands

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