Deliver Feedback that Motivates Others

Coaching and Feedback Skills: Deliver Feedback that Motivates Others

Length:  One day or two half-days

Effective organizational leaders provide detailed and timely feedback and coaching to those they interact with to motivate them and to change behavior, when necessary. This highly interactive workshop presents a model for providing meaningful feedback that works, regardless of whether your feedback recipients are subordinates, peers, or superiors. You will have opportunities to role-play real-life interactions using the model and to receive feedback to improve your own performance.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Identify the goal of a specific feedback conversation
  • Describe specific behaviors for the feedback recipient to reinforce or improve
  • Provide effective on-the-spot feedback
  • Prepare for a detailed coaching discussion
  • Hold a planned coaching discussion that reinforces or changes behavior

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