Deliver Feedback that Motivates Others

Interviewing Skills: Select Candidates Who Will Thrive

Length:  One day or two half-days

Diversity among team members’ work styles can result in stronger performance or in conflict. The same is true of team members with similar styles. Beginning with the Teaming Up with Insight self-assessment of personal and work styles, this workshop leads participants through an exploration of their own work styles’ positive attributes and challenges. You will engage in a series of activities to understand how different styles interact and identify how you can flex your style to maximize personal interactions and team performance.

Pre-work: Complete Team Style assessment.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Describe productive and unproductive work team dynamics
  • Identify and describe their own work styles’ strengths and challenges
  • Explain how their styles’ traits are influenced by stress
  • Describe the benefits of style differences among team members
  • Select techniques for flexing their own styles to accommodate others’ styles
  • Perform a work style analysis with their team

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