Presentation Skills – Advanced: Deliver High-Stakes Presentations that Influence Others

Presentation Skills – Foundational: Build Your Presentation Confidence

Length:  Two half-days


In the modern workplace, employees are charged continually with delivering presentations. These may be internal or external project or status updates or process instructions. This program is targeted to a general employee audience with opportunities to deliver internal or external presentations to a range of audiences. You may be new to presenting or seek to enhance your presentations with foundational skills’ practice and feedback that helps you improve your presentation outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Exude credibility and confidence and build rapport using body language and eye contact
  • Chose the right tone and pace to support messages and influence others
  • Establish an expanded and full control of space
  • Reduce use of distractions, including “filler” words
  • Control public speaking anxiety
  • Hold an audience’s attention, and handle typical disruptions
  • Engage the presentation audience with stories and examples
  • Leverage techniques to manage the room
  • Respond effectively to audience questions
  • Integrate feedback received into a plan to continue improving presentation skills

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